The year 2020 has been extraordinary, also for Zippsafe. Starting with the successful growth financing in spring, it continued with the strengthening of our team in the form of our new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Gery Colombo and being one of the finalists at the Swiss Economic Forum.

In addition to these already communicated milestones, we were able to win over 23 new customers. As in the previous year, the majority of these come from the healthcare sector with various hospitals, some nursing homes and doctors' offices. Especially in Germany, we were able to expand our reference list by numerous major hospitals this year. For example, we are now represented at the Helios clinics from Hamburg to Plauen and Leipzig. In the south of Germany, we are already an integral part of the hospital landscape with installations in the Städtischen Klinikum Karlsruhe, the Klinikum Stuttgart, the Robert Bosch Krankenhaus and the Klinikum Kaufbeuren. In Austria and Belgium, we were able to lay the foundation for further expansion with the Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Schwestern Linz and the Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde. We were also pleased to win customers from other industries. For example, we now count the small but fine "Jakob's Basler Leckerly" company and the global corporation Nestlé among our valued customers.

In total, we were able to install 257 ZippSpace systems for new and existing customers this year. Using the square meter calculator (if you don't know it yet, be sure to try it out), we quickly calculated how much space we were able to save. It's 1,398 square meters, or in other words, a little more than 7 tennis courts. Just to emphasize the space-saving features of Zippsafe would not do justice to this innovative solution. Our customers benefit from a high level of user-friendliness as well as hygienic and digital advantages compared to conventional locker solutions. In 2020, 3,495 new users received their personal Zippsafe locker bag, which makes us especially proud. Consider that around 6,760 employees now come into contact with Zippsafe every day.

The year was also used internally to initiate numerous innovations. In particular, we worked hard on the Zippsafe Management System (ZMS) and the corresponding software, the ZippManager. At the end of the year, we were able to launch our solution and put it into operation for the first time at the Klinikum Esslingen. In the upcoming year, many more installations will be updated in the same manner. The software convinces with a simple interface for an efficient allocation and an optimized management of our Zippsafe locker bags (learn more). 

We could go on like this for a while, but we would also like to take the opportunity and thank all our customers and partners for their trust and the Zippsafe team for their great commitment this year. We are looking forward to a continued successful cooperation in 2021!