Vanessa: We already got to know how the selection process was carried out and that you turned the warehouse into a meeting room to welcome the SEF jury. Now we get closer to the actual event. What do you like to point out here?

Carlo: Well, we were visited a second time. This time from a film crew looking over our shoulders while we’ve been working. And then we already got the SEF badges sent to us. We received all the information about the event, got informed about the Corona mesures, etc. At the risk of repeating myself I have to say, I was really impressed by how professional and top organized the event was planned and carried out.

Vanessa: Maybe we’ll now speak about the 90 seconds pitch. Also here, nothing got left to chance.

Carlo: That’s true. I tried to begin very early with it and collected feedback from different people in the team. The biggest challenge for me was to properly involve all important points. After shortening the pitch over and over again I began learning it by heart.

Vanessa: Did you already have experience speaking in front of a bigger audience?

Carlo: Never this big. But I did in fact speak in front of about 400 people and have to say, I have been more nervous than I was at the SEF. This experience certainly helped me now. I was still nervous but because of the proper preparation I also had the assuring mental strength. I could have done the pitch sleeping…

Vanessa: And backstage, shortly before going on stage. How does it feel?

Carlo: I have to say this is something very special. You get your makeup on, thoughts are running through your head, and popularity like Paul Bulcke from Nestlé or Dani Arnold, whom I know over friends of friends but never met personally, are casually walking by. It really is an extraordinary situation to walk into each other while waiting for your big appearance at the SEF.

Vanessa: With this to my last question - did you enjoy standing on stage?

Carlo: For sure. Before going on stage we were professionally instructed by the SEF support team. So you know perfectly well what you have to do. The light goes on and it’s show time. But you can only imagine how it might feel. I could really enjoy it. A completely surreal but immensely beautiful moment.

Vanessa: I can imagine. Thank you very much Carlo for your insights. In our next interview with Jonathan we will hear more about how he, as a participant, experienced the Swiss Economic Forum, what people you meet and what Zippsafe takes away for the future.

Carlo: Gladly. You can be curious - Jonathan certainly has one or the other surprising story to tell.