The LEDs were drilled out, the electronics rebuilt and everything was put back into place. After all the work was completed, the test was due. Once again, there was no response from the voltmeter. This could not be true. Carlo and David tried several times and then, suddenly, there was a signal. In the heat of the moment, the two had not realised that there was a loose contact and that the cable was not plugged in properly. They could have saved themselves the whole effort from the last two days including the ten extra helpers. The product would have functioned already.

Extremely pleased with the success and at the same time infinitely exhausted, they had to make their way directly to Switzerland in order to get the system across the border on time. Customs in Basel closes early on Saturdays and according to the GPS, time was already running out . David's father insisted on driving the two men. Considering the physical and mental condition of Carlo and David, this was certainly a wise choice. They would not have admitted their own exhaustion to themselves. Once sitting comfortably in the car, the two had dozed off directly and slept through the entire journey. They were there an hour before customs closed. They had actually made it and successfully imported their first wardrobe system into Switzerland. The rest of the weekend they spent sleeping and eating. Hard to believe, but they are said to have lost at least six kilograms of body weight in the last few days.

Finally, on Monday morning, the installation took place. One would think that Carlo and David, elated by the strain and success of the last few days, would proudly present their system to the customer. Instead, they were almost a little ashamed of their product. Their own expectations and the urge to do better were too high. Nevertheless, Migros Aare had tested the system for over a month and was very satisfied. In Shoppyland, another shopping centre of the cooperative, a serviced wardrobe was operated at the same time. After the pilot, it was decided that they wanted to continue with Zippsafe. The system had caused a sensation, attracted people and actually received really good feedback. The concept worked!

For the entire rollout within Migros Aare, which soon followed, a second generation was already developed. It had an optimised design and required significantly less sweat and tears. All's well that ends well.