Our ZippSpace locker bag system offers space efficiency, user friendliness, a very high standard of hygiene and digitally transforms employee locker room environments. To enhance the digital experience and allow for online allocation as well as (remote) management of our locker bags, we developed the so called Zippsafe Management System. This can be operated independently or integrated into existing access management solutions, always with data security as our top priority.

Using our digital management solution, our customers can choose between a cloud and on-premises setup. Thanks to our strong partner the end-to-end encrypted Microsoft Azure Sphere protocol complies with the highest security standards in both cases. In case of a cloud setup, the location can be selected arbitrarily.

Azure Sphere–certified chips include built-in Microsoft security technology to provide connectivity and a dependable hardware root of trust. Its operating system (OS) includes multiple layers of defense-in-depth protection. Additionally, ongoing updates ensure a secure platform for IoT applications. Microsoft’s best-in-class security experts monitor emerging threats and ensure an ongoing servicing.

Thanks to the ZMS in combination with Azure Sphere components, it is easy and secure to control the ZippSpace locker systems. User assignment works straightforward, access management is optimized and the operator receives the most important information about the lockers at any time. Are you also interested in preparing your locker room for the future? For more information, please contact us.