Jelmoli is located on Zurich's famous Bahnhofstrasse and offers around 2 million products of eight hundred different brands as well as numerous services on six floors. In addition, 12 catering concepts throughout the house and the FOOD MARKET ensure the well-being of the visitors. 

The reorganization project in the personal assistant department pursued several goals: The new premises should contribute to a positive working atmosphere and at the same time optimize the administrative processes and the use of space in this sought-after location. Today, a central changing room with 50 Zippsafe systems, each with 15 Zippsafe locker bags, offers space for 750 employees on an area of ​​200 square meters. 


“Jelmoli is a premium department store in which around one thousand people work in a prime location in Zurich. Efficient land use is highly relevant for us in terms of business management. With the conversion to Zippsafe, we were able to gain an area of ​​around 170 square meters, which is now used as a warehouse. Thanks to the integration into our IT landscape, we always have control over the use of the locking pockets and can easily and quickly assign them to new or temporary employees as needed. This enabled us to significantly improve our key management processes.”

Morten Jensen, Head of Facility Management



In close cooperation with Dormakaba and Ethelred, the administration of Zippsafe was integrated into the existing access management system. The digitization of access control has advantages for both operators and users, who can now easily open and close their personal locker with the identity card. For extra comfort and hygiene, all Zippsafe systems are equipped with separate shoe compartments below the Zippsafe bags, which can accommodate two pairs of shoes and serve as a seat. For the highest safety standards, the optional alarm system has been integrated, which becomes active if a Zippsafe bag is damaged.



A smooth transition from the previous metal lockers with mechanical lock on Zippsafe was made possible not least by a proactive communication by Jelmoli. For example, all employees were informed in advance by a letter and personally introduced to the functioning of the new wardrobe solution on the day of the changeover. The pleasing result is a very high acceptance and enthusiasm for the new system.


Key figures:
  • Product: Zippsafe 2.0
  • Capacity: 750 people
  • Space: 200m2
  • Functions: alarm system, electronic lock, shoe compartment with bench