A good month ago, the first 56 of a total of around 150 Zippsafe systems were installed and put into operation at the Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW) - time for a brief review.

The KSW accommodates 500 beds and treats over 250,000 patients annually, making it one of the ten largest hospitals in Switzerland. Growth, new treatment concepts, long distances and lack of space are some of the reasons why the KSW has been under construction since 2017. This also affects the locker rooms, which have to be provided for the majority of the 3,500 employees. 

Around two years ago, therefore, the personnel locker room project was launched as part of the new "Didymos" building. The aim was to find a space-efficient solution that would secure capacity in the long term, reduce administrative costs and at the same time be user-friendly. The fact that maximum capacity utilisation can be achieved with the innovative Zippsafe locker bag principle quickly became clear in the room plans: lockers for 425 people could be accommodated on around 190 square metres. Today, there are personal Zippsafe locker bags for 820 employees in the same room. In cooperation with the partner Dormakaba, the existing access management system was integrated, so that the Zippsafe bags can be operated via the existing employee ID card. The user-friendliness as the third and sometimes decisive criterion was evaluated by the future users themselves: In a pilot project, around 60 employees put the Zippsafe system through its paces. The pleasing result: 100% of the test persons were in favour of Zippsafe.


The continuing broad acceptance and satisfaction among users is not least due to the open exchange and proactive communication maintained by Angelika Züst, Head of Home Economics at KSW: 


«We chose Zippsafe because our employees clearly preferred this solution to conventional impersonal locker systems, which would have come into question given the limited space available. We tested the Zippsafe system for several months. The combination of space efficiency, process optimization and user-friendliness convinced us.» 


In addition, Zippsafe gained a lot of valuable feedback from this pilot project for the optimization of the product generation at that time. This resulted in the latest product generation, the Zippsafe 2.0, which is currently in use at KSW and in other hospitals in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


A smooth transition from the old lockers to Zippsafe was ensured on the operational side not least by strong partners such as the security and access solution manufacturer Dormakaba or Jegen AG with its range of flexible storage rooms. 


Key figures: 

  • Product: Zippsafe 2.0
  • Capacity: 820 persons
  • Required area: 190m2
  • Features: Integrated ventilation, electronic lock, separate shoe compartment with bench