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Company profile

Zippsafe AG is a technology company founded in 2016 and provider of highly space-efficient, IoT enabled storage solutions.

The company's core competence lies in the development, manufacture and installation of lockable textile storage compartments for changing rooms and public spaces.

Development, marketing, sales and administrative activities are managed at the headquarter in Glattbrugg, Zurich. Production is carried out by a number of production partners from Switzerland and Hungary. The final assembly takes place at the company's own assembly site in Hungary. Close cooperation with specialists such as dormakaba, Salto, Helbling and BURRI Public Elements allow for short development cycles while taking into account the latest technologies and the highest quality standards.

With its focus on continuous innovation and simplicity, Zippsafe sets new standards in the field of flexible textile storage solutions. Since being awarded as “Best Business Idea” by The Entrepreneurial Wave in 2016 and getting the prestigious Venture Kick Award in 2017, the company was able to gain an international customer base in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Latvia and the US.

The innovation

Zippsafe reinvented the locker by replacing the traditional hard materials such as sheet metal or wood with a smart fabric. By using a textile, the formerly stiff locker is turned into a flexible storage solution (FSS). At the core of a Zippsafe system are its textile storage compartments, which adapt flexibly to the objects stored inside. As a result, Zippsafe requires up to 70% less space compared to a traditional locker and can be stated as the most space-efficient locker solution. 

Moreover, the user-friendliness of the system has been at the centre of development right from the start: Clothes are conveniently hung using a pull-out hanger system, smaller items are stored in the inner pockets, large items such as luggage or motorcycle helmets are stored on the bottom of the bag.

As a consequence, Zippsafe turns out to be the most popular among the space-efficient locker solutions.



We are revolutionizing the locking and storage solutions industry by becoming the first global company in this field with a lean distribution model. We disrupt the market by using flexible textile materials in combination with IOT technology, enabling us to offer a better and logistically scalable standalone solution that is more space efficient, more user-friendly, lighter and less expensive.

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