In the Business and First Class Lounge of Swiss International Airlines at Zurich Airport, the Zippsafe cloakroom solution is used for two different purposes. In the First Class Lounge, a Zippsafe cloakroom system is used as a long-term cloakroom for passengers. For example, if you don't want to take your winter boots and heavy coat with you on your golf holiday to South Africa, you can safely store them in the Zippsafe cloakroom until you return to Switzerland.

So that guests can relax even better during their stay in the Swiss Business Class Lounge, there is a Zippsafe cloakroom system right in the entrance area. It contains 15 Zippsafe lockers which can be locked with a 4-digit PIN code of your choice or with an RFID-compatible card, e.g. a credit card or the Swisspass. One pocket offers space for jackets or coats as well as one pice of luggage in hand luggage format. The Zippsafe cloakroom system is also equipped with an alarm system that is triggered if a pocket is damaged. 


Customized design

In order to ensure that the cloakroom system also fits optimally into Swiss's color concept, it was coated with a customer-specific color and the existing signaling system was adopted. 


Key data:
  • Product: ZS 3.4 Service Large

  • Number of systems: 2

  • Additional functions: Alarm system